Coverage: Global (15 regions) | Model type: TIMES | Horizon: 2005-2100


The TIMES Integrated Assessment Model, TIAM, is the multi-region, global version of TIMES, which combines an energy system representation of fifteen different regions with options to mitigate non-CO2 greenhouse gases as well as non-energy CO2 mitigation options, such as afforestation in each of these regions. It uses emissions from these sources to calculate temperature changes using a simple climate module. As such, it can be used to explore a variety of questions on how to mitigate climate change through energy system and transformations, as well as reductions in non-energy CO2 emissions and non-CO2 emissions.

We have prepared detailed documentation on the model and made it available through the I2AMParis platform. Some results are also published in the result explorer!

For any other questions of curiosity please do not hesitate to contact us!