E4: Energy, Engineering, Economic and Environment. A comprehensive assessment.

S: Systems. Approaches that look at the interactions between components of a system to capture its functioning as a whole.

M: Modelling. Case-specific representation of the “key” system features which makes use of a formal language for the realisation of exploratory, simulation, optimization decision-support tools.

A: Analysis. Integrated impact assessment of technological, economic, policy, environmental components of current and future energy systems.

Research and Analysis:

E4SMA experts realize research and analysis in the area of climate and energy policy by using multi-disciplinary approaches and integrated assessments. We realize scenario analysis, economic impact assessments and technology database development at local, regional, national and supra-national scale


E4SMA offers to its clients the possibility to develop techno-economic modelling instruments which are able to represent the complexity of the energy systems and to explore its dynamics.

Training and Capacity Building

E4SMA provides assistance and technical advice on key modelling techniques, energy systems analysis and scenario development, support and guidance for team building able to directly develop and use modelling tools, training in MARKAL/TIMES model generators and VEDA-TIMES shell.