E4SMA provides since 2010 consulting services in the areas of energy planning, policy and environment.We provide support in the creation of energy / environmental / economic models able to represent the complexity of existing energy systems and to investigate how such systems evolve over the years, using scenario-based approaches.

E4SMA develops and runs integrated energy systems models, or ad-hoc tools and methodologies, for medium-long term analysis in order to help energy decision makers to evaluate a range of challenges at different geographic scales.

E4SMA has a relevant experience in MARKAL/TIMES-based modelling, but a number of different methodologies and tools have been used in the past years for investigating the energy systems complexities. Company experts use various system analysis approaches, such as computable general equilibrium models, multi-criteria platforms, accounting framework and system dynamics tools, as well as power systems tools. The aim is to increase the evidence-base underpinning energy systems planning decisions, and assessing the impacts, risks and reliabilities of different future energy and emissions pathways.
The team covers a broad range of disciplines, such economics, environmental and decision sciences engineering.

Maurizio Gargiulo

Environmental Engineer

email maurizio.gargiulo@e4sma.com


Rocco De Miglio

Management Engineer (energy branch)

email rocco.demiglio@e4sma.com


Alessandro Chiodi

Energy and Nuclear Engineer, PhD

email alessandro.chiodi@e4sma.com