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E4SMA team is expanding!

E4SMA is looking for skilled and enthusiasts energy systems modellers interested in supporting our team on consultancy and research projects on energy systems planning strategies, climate policies, technology innovation and systems resiliency

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  • Energy systems modeller (freelance)


1.   About E4SMA

E4SMA S.r.l. is a consulting company based in Italy (Torino). It provides services to Companies, Institutions and Government Agencies who are responsible of decision-making activities in the energy and environmental fields, by:

  • Developing customized energy system models for informed energy systems planning decisions.
  • Delivering quantitative and model-based analyses related to the energy transition, climate policies, technology innovation and systems resiliency.
  • Providing technical assistance to entities interested in the strategic analysis of the energy system and the development of policy plans.
  • Delivering capacity building and training.

E4SMA supports energy decision-makers at various geographic scale (from city-level to global), along the entire problem chain: from the definition and formalisation of the decision problem, the data collection, elaboration and organisation, the model development, the quantitative analysis, and the comparison of implications between alternative energy, emissions, and policy pathways.


2.   About the positions

E4SMA is looking for skilled and enthusiast energy system modeller interested in energy/environmental strategies, energy transition, climate policies, technology innovation and systems resiliency. Selected candidates will support the E4SMA team in the development of new energy models for the exploration of policy and technology-oriented scenario analysis.


3.   Key responsibilities

Based on the position, the candidate will collaborate with E4SMA team on:

  • Data collection and elaboration.
  • Model development and debugging.
  • Policy and technology scenario analyses.
  • Results elaboration and visualizations.

4.   Qualifications

The ideal candidate:

  • Is familiar with the advanced approaches of energy systems modelling. Previous experience with MARKAL-TIMES models is a plus.
  • Has a solid quantitative background in operational research, statistics, and mathematics, acquired during advanced postgraduate courses.
  • Has experience with programming languages, e.g., GAMS, Phyton, R.
  • Has knowledge of mitigation technologies.
  • Has motivation for data collection, elaboration and analysis.
  • Can operate in an international context with English as a working language.
  • Has good writing skills.
  • Can work independently.


5.   Conditions

Position: freelance consultant

Remuneration: competitive fees

Duration: yearly with options for extension

Location: ideally based in Torino (Italy), but options for remote work


6.   How to apply

Applicants can submit their application (including a detailed curriculum vitae and a motivation letter) by email to