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E4SMA provides technical support to the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC). We are developing a new customized TIMES-Mexico model, allowing for modelling mitigation policies in Mexico. The model will cover the full energy system, including power, transport, industries, petroleum and gas, and buildings.

Correspondingly, we are conducting training to build up the capacity of the INECC and other experts. The Mexican experts will be enabled to prepare climate change mitigation modelling and develop scenarios to understand the impact of different policy actions for Mexico.

Furthermore, we will produce a user guide and run a helpdesk to support the handover of the model to the INECC mitigation team. 

The project is part of the Energy Partnership Programme III between Mexico and Denmark 2020-2025. 



Mexico has raised its climate change mitigation ambitions. In the updated NDC submitted in 2022, Mexico aims to reach 30 pct. unconditional reductions in greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions in 2030, compared to 22 pct. reduction in the previous submission in 2020. 

The National Institute on Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) is assigned to collaborate in elaborating strategies related to sustainable development, the environment, and climate change. This requires a well-developed modelling setup in INECC to enable analysis of mitigation pathways for Mexico. 

Under the Energy Partnership Programme III 2020-2025, INECC and the Danish Energy Agency have already conducted several modelling activities. However, the current TIMES-Mexico Regional model is considered unsuitable. 


Model and methodology

We will create and design a new TIMES-Mexico model starting from our global model built in TIMES, the well-established modelling platform hosted by the IEA-ETSAP community. The model will be customized according to the requirements of INECC. It will be capable of exploring multiple energy system scenarios assessing the role/impacts of policy decisions, emerging technologies, and environmental constraints in shaping the future energy sector.  

To ensure that previous efforts on input data and assumptions are utilized in the new model, we will review the contents of the existing TIMES-Mexico Regional model. 

The new TIMES-Mexico model will be developed with the user interface VEDA2.0 for data handling and the GAMS/CPLEX  modelling language and optimizer. Furthermore, we will design user-friendly dashboards for TIMES outputs. 

The capacity building will consist of on-site and online training sessions. They will include hands-on experience with energy systems optimization modelling in TIMES. The INECC mitigation team will acquire a solid understanding of how data is arranged and integrated into the model. Correspondingly, they will learn to carry out data modification, additions, and updates in the future. 

| Country: Mexico 

| Partner: The National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) 

| Client:Danish Energy Agency 

| Contact person:Alessandro Chiodi 

| Activities: Model development, capacity building, user’s guide, helpdesk  

| Duration: 2024

Graphic credits: Freepik 


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