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Country: Vietnam | Beneficiary: Electricity and Renewable Energy Agency (Vietnam) | Donor: Danish Energy Agency | Partners: Institute of Energy (Vietnam), COWI (Denmark), Ea Energy Analyses (Denmark) | Activity type: Training, Technical support


The project has been initiated within the framework of the Energy Partnership Programme between Vietnam and Denmark.

The objectives of the project are to support the development of the Energy Master Plan (EMP) for period 2021-2030 with vision to 2050 by training relevant stakeholders in the TIMES-Vietnam model, and provide support to the Phase II of the Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8).

This project provided support by:

  • Training key Vietnamese institutions – namely EREA (Electricity and Renewable Energy Agency), MOIT (Oil, Gas and Coal Ministry Department), universities and other research institutions – in the TIMES-Vietnam model, the TIMES model of the Vietnamese energy system, a techno-economic model which provides a technology-rich basis for estimating energy dynamics over a long-term horizon.
  • Building on the past experiences with the models TIMES, Balmorel and PSS/E, as developed and applied within the Energy Outlook Report 2019 (EOR19), to improve the modelling set-up for energy system planning.
  • Continue strengthening modelling capacity at EREA and other Vietnamese stakeholders and experts in terms of defining and conducting relevant policy scenario analyses.
  • Support the enhancement of models to be used in the preparation of key national energy planning exercises (e.g. EMP, PDP8).
  • Undertake relevant analyses, including but not limited to alternative demand scenarios considering the impact of distributed generation and demand.

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