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We held two sessions of workshops on energy modelling for GIZ Headquarters staff. The workshops focused on the use of energy models and how these can support GIZ experts in energy planning.

Based on the workshop and our experience, we produced an Energy Planning and Modelling Guidebook to support GIZ advisors.


The workshops provided GIZ experts with an overview of adequate energy models and modelling tools to support energy planning. These insights permitted the experts to further develop the Vision 100 approach. Correspondingly, their understanding of energy modelling for energy transition studies was deepened.

Energy system models make it possible to identify and analyze energy system transition pathways based on different criteria. Simultaneously, the models allow you to test various macroeconomic assumptions and the impact of policy decisions and targets.

Combined with careful scenario analysis, energy system models enable analysts and policymakers to identify promising emissions reduction measures.

Methodology and models 

The participants learned about energy planning for policy making. We presented available simulation software and models to them and the general differences, strengths, and weaknesses of these modelling approaches and tools. They gained qualifications to inform decision-makers on adequate energy models and modelling tools.

The participants gained general knowledge of phases of comprehensive energy planning and characteristics of available modelling tools.

During interactive hands-on sessions, we introduced approaches for scenario analyses. We also identified key ingredients for characterizing a modelling project. We explored an application example with the TIMES model integrated energy system framework, discussing how to analyze scenario results, set up sectorial targets, and test the impact of specific policies.


Energy Planning and Modelling. A Guide for Energy Planners and Policymakers


| Country: Germany

| Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

| Project: Energy transformation, Cooperation and Regulatory policy

| Contact person:Maurizio Gargiulo

| Activities: Workshop, producing an Energy Modelling Guidebook

| Duration: 2022

Graphic credits: Sakorn Sukkasemsakorn