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Smart City Emergence: Cases from around the World


E4SMA is pleased to announce the publication of the Elsevier book “Smart City Emergence: Cases from around the world”. (ISBN: 978-0-12-816169-2).

The book assesses how smart cities are currently being conceptualized and implemented, examining the theoretical underpinnings and technologies that connect theory with tangible practice achievements.

Using numerous cities from different regions around the globe, the book compares how smart cities of different sizes are evolving in different countries and continents. In addition, it examines the challenges cities face as they adopt the smart city concept, separating fact from fiction, with insights from scholars, government officials and vendors currently involved in smart city implementation.

We contributed to the book with an analysis of the city of Torino, assessing and analyzing the ongoing and planned relevant experiences to establish a long-term structural “smart” planning framework.

The objectives of this analysis are twofold:

  1. first, to provide a review of the most relevant initiatives, projects on data gathering and visualization, planning approaches and methods and stakeholder engagements procedures across the four key areas of the Master and Energy Action Plan.
  2. second, to measure, for the first time, the performance of the “city smartness” making use of city-specific indicators in accordance with the methodology provided by World Council of City Data (WCCD) ISO37120.

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