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Clients: National Laboratory of Astana (NLA), Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System (NURIS).


E4SMA has delivered a number of modelling projects in Kazakhstan, aiming to:

  • Build a technical-economic tool (TIMES) for investigating the evolution of the “key” energy-environmental variables in Kazakhstan, and for testing the system under the effects of different Governmental policies and targets, in the medium long term.
  • Develop a multi-regional TIMES model of the Central Asian Caspian energy systems for Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to develop long-term scenarios for the integrated area.
  • Assess implications of specific policy options for mid- and long-term emissions pathways and the role of carbon pricing.

Services included data gathering support, data elaboration, model development, results analysis, reporting, and capacity building.

Under the framework of the service, the following sections of the 3rd National Communication of Kazakhstan to the secretariat in Bonn of the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (NC3 to UNFCCC) have been prepared:

  • IV.C: Policies and measures (P&M) and their effects.
  • V.A: Projections (three scenarios).
  • V.B: Assessment of aggregate effects of P&M.
  • V.D: Methodology used for the presented GHG emission projections.