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Coverage: EU-27 and Non-EU countries (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway) | Model type: TIMES multiregional | Horizon: 2010-2050

EU-TIMES is an enhanced version of the open source JRC-EU-TIMES model, a European version of TIMES, designed for analysing the role of energy technologies and innovation needs for meeting European energy and climate policy targets. It can consider policies affecting the entire energy system, sectors, group of or individual technologies/commodities.

It represents the EU Member States and neighbouring countries, where each country is modelled as one region.

We have prepared detailed documentation on the model and made it available through the I2AMParis platform. Some results will be published very soon!


National EU models

Coverage: Italy, Spain, Germany, France | Model type: TIMES monoregional | Horizon: 2010-2050

Detailed national TIMES energy systems models, characterized by an high technology granularity and time resolution (72 timeslices).


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