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As leading experts on strategic energy planning, energy systems analysis, and energy systems modelling, E4SMA is partnering in major, innovative research projects. We are also active members of expert networks.

Additionally, E4SMA regularly provides supervision to Master’s and PhD students in the field of energy planning and energy modelling.


Research projects and expert networks

IEA-ETSAP Community leads a major initiative for open-source solutions for energy scenario modeling needs. It works as a consortium of member country teams and invited teams that actively cooperate to establish, maintain, and expand a consistent multi-country energy/economy/environment/engineering (4E) analytical capability. Its backbone consists of individual national teams in nearly 70 countries, and a common, comparable, and combinable methodology, mainly based on the MARKAL/TIMES family of models.  

The DIAMOND project is an ambitious EU project. The objective is to contribute to developing the next generation of integrated assessment models (IAMs). E4SMA is developing the OMNIA model.

CHIMERA is an innovative research project hosted by MaREI at University College Cork, Ireland. E4SMA has developed the TIMES-GEO and supported the development of the TIMES-IRELAND.  

PARIS REINFORCE EU-project resulted in the open-access and transparent data exchange platform, I2AM PARIS. 

COMETS is an international research project running from 2015 to 2019 and partially funded by the Innovation Foundation Denmark. Delivered tools to ensure energy-friendly transport by combining models for energy systems and transport models (see also  

INSMART, an EU project that resulted in the development of four Integrated city energy system models.  

INSIGHT_E, an EU project aiming to establish a multidisciplinary and independent energy think tank.  

IRISH-TIMES, resulting in the development of the energy systems model TIMES-Ireland (formerly Irish-TIMES). Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). 


Supervised PhDs and thesis 

  • How to leverage the existing gas infrastructure in the European energy transition. Master’s degree, Danish Technical University, 2024.
  • Sensitivity analysis for hydrogen end-use technologies through Energy System Optimization Models: An application to TEMOA-Italy. Master’s degree, Politecnico di Torino, 2023.
  • Long-term modelling of the evolution of the electricity system through the Open-Source tool CALLIOPE. 
  • Improving the representation of consumers’ choice in transport within energy system models. PhD, Danish Technical University, 2019.
  • Advanced urban energy planning. An interdisciplinary approach to improve heat decarbonization assessments. PhD, Politecnico di Torino, 2018.